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[ele006] guillotine hairshaver – miloque kloque

May 10th, 2011
guillotine hairshaver
miloque kloque

guillotine hairshaver is a musician in Osaka,Japan.
He makes pieses with electribe esx-1.Innumerable sound particles reflect,disunion,multiply and can feel their motion and lingering between reality and unreality.


guillotine hairshaverは大阪のミュージシャン。
現実感と非現実感の狭間を行き来しながらelectribe esx-1でつくられた無数の音の粒子の反射、分裂、増殖、揮発、そして余韻を愉しむことができる。


music : guillotine hairshaver
artwork : Kyosuke Goto

# player – miloque kloque

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